WaterSmile WS-283


One of the primary benefits of our smart portable oral irrigator is that the pulsating action creates a compression/decompression phase that expels subgingival bacteria from the pocket,which means it help to reduce the periodontal infection.Have a look for below for further information.



Our smart portable oral irrigator is easy to use.It is easier than string flossing because it requires less manual dexterity. It takes about one to two minute to cleanse the entire mouth. Beyond the initial investment, all you need is water.Let’s have a quicker review of the specifications.

Product Feature and Application

  • Perfect for travel,Global voltage compatible.One spare nozzle water jet tips included. Rechargeable,portable and lightweight design.
  • 4 operation modes and 2 replaceable nozzles to satisfy daily needs of the whole family.
  • 360ml upgraded largo capacity water tank,detachable design made it easy to clean and dry. Upgraded water tank cover, can help to avoid water leakage effectively.
  • High quality ABS food standard environmental protection material,provide safe and extraordinary using experience.

In the image,you can see the exact size of our dental water flosser.At the same time,we would like to privde some tips for you.Check Battery Volume : When the product is in standby, long press the mode button to show the battery volume . If above 75% battery volume , 4 mode lights will be bright ; 50% -75% battery volume, 3 mode lights will be bright ;25%-50%, battery volume, 2 mode lights will be bright ; below 25% battery volume, Only DIY mode light will be bright.

Here we would like to provide some cleaning tips for you.As for water tank,It can be washed with soapy water or placed on the top dish rack of the dishwasher. Unplug the power cord before cleaning.Always drain and dry the water in the tank before exposing it to a freezing temperature environment.Wash off the dirt with a brush or similar item, and then wipe it off with a cloth.Dry the water tank when not in use for a long time.

Where do you usually put your dental water flosser?In my opinion, you can put it on your sink or in the bathroom because it is very small and waterproof. It is also very convenient to charge next to the sink.When charging, the charging indicator lights is red and slowly flashing.When fully charged, the charging indicator will remain green till the charger is removed.


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