WaterSmile Flosser WS-689


When it comes to desktop oral irrigator,there are a lot products in the market that need to connect power to use,which have many limitations and is not convenient to use.Our Wireless Countertop Water Flosser can provide convenient using experience for customers.



The idea of making this Wireless Countertop Water Flosser is to make water flossing process easier and more convenient for people’s daily use.When you use this product,you don’t need to connect it with power supply because we have built-in 2000mAh large capacity battery.If you have special need,we can make the battery capacity up to 4000mAh.

Product Feature and Application

  • Large Water Tank Capacity: 600ml,one time filling water,no need to refill,save time and enhance user experience.
  • LED screen show the using mode and battery power
  • 10 Degrees adjusting knob help to adjust the exact water pulse of each mode
  • On/Off button on the handle,bring convenience for user
  • Big Storage case can storage up to 5 jet tips
  • Small sizes,can be taken everywhere with you

This rechargeable desktop dental flosser is very suitable for personal and family use.It is IPX7 water proof,the strong water pulse(max psi is 120 ) can clean your teeth quickly and efficiently.No residual between teeth,bring you more confident smile.

This travel dental flosser have 10 degree modes for adjusting water pressure to meet various needs.Delicate slight adjustment,unlimited water pressure adjustment,from soft to strong,you can choose the water pulse strength as you like.


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