WaterSmile Flosser WS-136


WaterSmile WS-136 portable water flosser has many outstanding advantages. The machine meets many important standards, qualifying for circulation in the United States and Europe. The quality of the machine has been verified by consumers, now WaterSmile has been trusted in the most demanding markets.



Are you ready to use the water flosser? What it can bring you will take you completely by surprise: clear teeth cavities, reduce bleeding gums, reduce swelling and pain, clean tongue, clear plaque, reduce bad breath, whiten teeth, … Who should use a water flosser? We all should use a water flosser for daily oral hygiene because of the great benefits it offers. The water flosser is especially useful and necessary for people with braces or implants, those who use dental teeth, crowns, bridges and veneers, … Water flossers help clean where brushes or flossing reachable.

Outstanding functions

Operation modes

The machine has 4 operating modes (Normal, Soft, Pluse, DIY), in which DIY mode is the outstanding advantage and is a special feature of the machine. In this mode, the user can customize the water pressure level to suit him (from 30psi – 120psi). Normal mode with moderate water pressure, suitable for most users. Soft mode with weaker water pressure is suitable for those new to water flossers or those with sensitive teeth. Pluse mode creates pulsed water jets to gently massage the gums, reducing symptoms of bleeding teeth.

6 toothpicks according to convenient machine

According to the machine with 6 toothpicks, this toothpick set can meet most of the usage needs. The most commonly used toothpick tip is used for daily oral hygiene. In addition to its cleansing effect, it also helps massage the gums. The plaque probe has three thin bristles to access stubborn plaque around implant teeth, crowns, bridges, veneers and other areas that are particularly susceptible to plaque buildup. The gum teething tip has a soft, small rubber tip that creates a moderate water pressure for convenient gum cleaning. Orthodontic toothpick heads are specially designed to clean teeth in orthodontic cases that are especially those who are on braces. The tongue cleaning toothpick has a light scratching effect and removes the dirt on the tongue to gently remove bacteria, which is the main cause of bad breath.

Large capacity water bottle, easy to clean

The jar is made of high quality materials that meet the safety standards for use. The jar is designed to be easily removed from the body and has a wide mouth for convenient cleaning. This water tank has a large capacity, about 30ml, you are completely assured that there is enough water for you to use in one oral hygiene. The special design of the bottle has a large mouth, you can easily put the brush in to clean the inside of the water bottle.

Ergonomic design, 360 ° rotating toothpick tip

This water flosser is not only equipped with high-end functions, but also has a user-friendly design. You will be very comfortable holding and controlling the buttons on the machine. Oral hygiene will be more enjoyable than ever. The toothpick tip is designed to rotate 360 ​​° allowing you to easily clean hard to reach areas and prevent tooth debris and plaque.

High battery capacity, convenient charging cable

The battery in the device is a high-capacity Lithium Ion battery (2000mAh) which can be fully charged in 8 hours (time depends on the charger used). The charging cable is conveniently designed to be used with other devices. With this charging cable you can easily charge the WaterSmile machine through the phone’s charger, backup battery charger, laptaop, car charger, …

Specifications of the machine

  • Dimensions: 7 x 8 x 22 cm (not including toothpick tip)
  • Machine weight: 270g (not including toothpick)
  • Tank capacity: 300ml
  • Dam frequency: 1400 – 1800 pulses / min
  • Water pressure: 30-120psi
  • Working Mode: Normal / Soft / Pulse / DIY
  • Water resistance: meets IPX7 standard
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Noise level: less than 72dB

Package includes:

  • 1 body of WaterSmile WS-136 water flosser
  • 6 toothpick heads with many different functions
  • Luxury travel box
  • The charging cable is suitable for the USB charger
  • User manual
  • 12 months warranty card


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