WaterSmile Flosser WS-460


This is our latest and newest oral irrigator for the oral irrigator business field.You may have seen some fantastic item from our product catalog,but this water flosser is very creative and user-friendly than other items you ever seen.



There are many ways to take care of your teeth,using a Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator is the most cost effective and convenient way.There will be to tips on the charging dock,you can use by yourself or with our family member.

Product Feature and Application

  • There are six modes for this newest Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator.Normally mode is for those who has a healthy oral condition and is used to use water flosser everyday,the water pulse is strong enough to clean.
  • Soft mode is suggested for those who has sensative teeth,the water pulse on this mode is very gental,no need to worry it will hurting your teeth.
  • Pulse mode,which is also be seen as massage,when you have swollen gums or it not feel well, using the pulse mode will help relieve the discomfort of your oral and help it getting better
  • Point mode which works like continuous spray: spray water for three times and pause for two seconds to cycle,a new way to flossing.
  • Pause: press and hold the on / off key to work, release to stop working, and press the mode key to switch gears,very convenient to use when something suddenly stop you from flossing.
  • DIY mode, which is in all our oral irrigator series,allow user to adjust water pulse between 30-120PSI freely according to their requirement.

It is not very common to see this kind of charging base that has both Ambient light and rechargeable breathing light.The color of ambient light will be the same,when you charging it will not change.The breathing charging indicating light will change when you are charging.When the light it is not full of power and charging,the color of breathing light will be red,when it is full of charge,the light will turn to green.


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