The portable water flosser is high quality, convenient and modern in design. The machine has many outstanding advantages.



The features of the WaterSmile water flosser meet the rigorous requirements of the user.

Design fits in the hand

The perfect combination of square and circle gives you the most comfortable using the machine.

High capacity battery

The machine is equipped with high quality 2000mAh battery, fast charging time, fully charged in 6 hours.

The tip rotates 360 degrees

The tip can be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate the direction of the spray to any position in the oral cavity.

Common USB charger

The charging cable is designed with a common USB connector, you can use it with other electrical devices.

Easy to clean tank

The tank of the machine is designed with a wide mouth that makes it easy to use the tool to clean the inside.

High water resistance

It meets IPX7 standards, protecting it from the effects of immersion in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes.


A large tank

The tank is made of high quality materials that meet the safety standards for use. This tank has a large capacity, about 300ml, you are completely assured that there is enough water for you to use in one oral hygiene. The special design of the bottle has a large mouth, you can easily put the brush in to clean the inside of the water bottle.


4 modes of operation

DIY mode users can customize the water pressure level to suit you (from 30psi - 120psi). Normal mode with moderate water pressure, suitable for most users. Soft mode with weaker water pressure is suitable for those new to water flossers or those with sensitive teeth. Pluse mode creates pulsed water jets to gently massage the gums, reducing symptoms of bleeding teeth.


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How to adjust water pressure in DIY mode?

WaterSmile has 4 operating modes, in which DIY is the mode in which the user can manually adjust the water pressure. To adjust you need to select DIY mode (1) then press and hold the power button (2) when you reach your desired water pressure level, release the power button (3).

Where is the WaterSmile made?

All WaterSmile water flossers use the latest American technology and are machined in China. The outsourcing factory in China is closely monitored by us to ensure the quality is in compliance with American standards. You fully believe in the quality of WaterSmile.